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Why should I use BOOKS2TAXESINDIA?

BOOKS2TAXESINDIA offers several advantages to hiring your own in-house personnel. By outsourcing your tax preparation, you're not faced with the extra costs normally associated with full-time employees. By utilizing our service, you can save up to 50% of your current expense and you can reduce or even eliminated the need to hire extra personnel during your peak seasons. BOOKS2TAXESINDIA offers a fast turnaround - as little as 24 hours if needed - and we provide a secure online system so that you can access your electronic files no matter where you might be located. Plus, because we utilize cutting-edge technology, your client's records will be stored digitally, allowing you to take advantage of the latest web-based applications without the additional expense. BOOKS2TAXESINDIA offers a wide range of tax and accounting services, giving you the ability to grow and expand your practice as you see fit. We also provide you with continuous support so that you have extra help right when you need it.

How do we send the source documents & information to BOOKS2TAXESINDIA?

All you need to do is to scan the requisite documents, save it and then send it to us through e-mail or put it up on our server. The process is simple and does not require employing technical staff.

Who controls my client files?

You do. While a return is in process, you retain the hard copy and you can access your digital files from anywhere using our Internet-based document management tool. When the return is complete, it is sent to you digitally using a file format compatible with most tax software programs.

What is the training mechanism in place?

BOOKS2TAXESINDIA has CPAs, Chartered Accountants and MBAs who are trained in depth in US tax laws. BOOKS2TAXESINDIA has continuous learning and upgrading programs and CPAs from the US are assigned to regularly train our preparers located offshore, using case studies and other developmental tools.

How long will it take BOOKS2TAXESINDIA to prepare my clients' tax returns?

BOOKS2TAXESINDIA's standard turnaround time is two to three business days. However, one business day response is available when needed.

What is the final product that BOOKS2TAXESINDIA will transmit back to us?

BOOKS2TAXESINDIA will use the source documents sent by you to prepare a federal and state tax return.

Once the return is completed, we will send you an e-mail and you may download the files and the returns after decrypting the same. More information on the security protocol is available on request.


In the case of tax returns, we would be sending you Form 1040 and State return with the relevant schedules and work papers showing our calculation. 


In case of bookkeeping all the information that comes to us is posted to the general ledger and matched against the number of entries sent by you. 

How do I deal with any changes required without losing time?

We can implement any changes that you require of us without losing much time. We are in the process of setting up a system to ensure that you will be able to monitor the process

Would I need technical staff to carry out this process?

The whole purpose of outsourcing is to save cost. All that is required is to use an administrative person to scan documents, save it and then send the saved file to us in an e mail or put it up on our server. We process the information for you and send it across to you. We will provide requisite technical assistance to help facilitate the process.

How do I keep track of information sent and ensure the quality of the return?

The information we receive from you is sent electronically and the hard copy of files stays in your office. Once we complete the returns and transmit it to you, we will not retain any information sent unless specifically told by you to do so. You will review and approve the returns prior to e-filing / sending the prepared returns to your client.


BOOKS2TAXESINDIA utilizes the latest technology to ensure that all your clients' personal and financial information remains secure. All files are encrypted (128-bit SSL) to protect your data from prying eyes and our servers are located in secure state-of-the-art data facilities. In addition, our Chartered Accountants are bound by an extensive non-disclosure agreement to further guarantee complete confidentiality.

What kind of pricing can I expect?

Specific prices will depend upon the quantity and complexity of services needed. For more information regarding pricing, contact a BOOKS2TAXESINDIA representative today

What are the advantages of outsourcing tax preparation with BOOKS2TAXESINDIA?

BOOKS2TAXESINDIA offers numerous advantages including increased availability of qualified personnel, faster turnaround time, secure online access, and higher customer satisfaction. But the most important advantage is cost. By outsourcing the preparation of tax returns to BOOKS2TAXESINDIA you can save up to 50 percent over what it is costing you now. At the same time, you can reduce, or even eliminate, your need to increase staff during peak tax season. In addition, by capturing and storing all your clients' tax information in electronic format, you will be able to take advantage of the latest technology to improve workflow, speed your tax preparation process, and take your firm paperless

How do we proceed for preparing a tax return?

Before starting tax return processing and preparing activity, we examine client's data and balance sheets and classify each item in appropriate place or form. We also classify analyses and interpret profit and loss items, and interpret the taxability and treatment to various accounts during tax return processing and preparation services.Our view points, comments and observations, if any, are then communicated to the client and are considered before final preparation of the tax return.

At KPO Experts (India), we have a well qualified and trained team in the preparation of Federal and State Tax Returns. KPO Experts (India) adopts system of on-going training mechanism and updating of knowledge process of the tax return preparers’ skills not only in the statutory laws but also in all leading tax software. A CPA firm or a business entity can reduce at least 50-60% of their costs by outsourcing their work to KPO Experts (India) offshore Knowledge Process outsourcing (KPO) location in India. Besides the cost savings, there are many latent and hidden benefits like stress reduction and availability of time to focus on more core operations.


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